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5 Critical Facts About the UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy

May 28, 2021 Blog

Wealthy investors have suffered substantial losses with the UBS yield enhancement strategy. While UBS brokers pitched the strategy as a low-risk opportunity for investors to increase their overall returns, it ended up costing investors many investors hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Many of these investors are now seeking […]

The UBS YES Strategy: What Went Wrong

May 7, 2021 Blog

High-net-worth investors have lost millions of dollars with the UBS yield enhancement strategy (YES). While UBS brokers sold the YES strategy as a stable investment with relatively low risk, the nature of the strategy is such that it leaves investors with little hope of recovering their losses through market forces […]

UBS YES Strategy Lawsuits and Damages Skyrocket

April 28, 2021 In The News

Have You Suffered Losses with the UBS YES Strategy? UBS Is Currently Facing Multiple Investor Fraud Claims Related to Its Yield Enhancement Strategy. Like most large investment brokerage firms, UBS has faced its fair share of scrutiny in recent years. While the firm has been the subject of investigations targeting […]