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Zamansky LLC is a leading securities fraud law firm
located in the heart of Wall Street.

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Experienced Securities and Investment Fraud Lawyer

Specializing in FINRA Arbitration
and Stock Market Losses and Financial Fraud

Zamansky LLC is a leading securities litigation and investment fraud law firm located in the heart of Wall Street and in Miami. With more than 60 years of collective practice representing investors in securities arbitration and litigation cases against financial institutions, securities issuers, underwriters and other wrongdoers, we are nationally recognized for our ability to aggressively prosecute cases and recover investment losses. Our investment fraud lawyers has extensive experience counseling clients who have suffered substantial financial losses. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in stock broker fraud matters, including securities arbitrations and class action cases against brokers, investment firms and others.

Our securities fraud and investment fraud attorneys represent all types of investors across the United States and abroad, ranging from small individual investors to sophisticated high-net-worth clients and institutions. We also represent workers in ERISA actions brought against their employers and handle a wide range of employment law cases on behalf of securities industry employees, including wage and hour claims and securities employee arbitration matters involving wrongful termination and compensation issues.

Securities litigation is complex. It is important to retain legal counsel who is knowledgeable about the securities market and the laws that govern securities trading. The speculative nature of the junk bond market further complicates litigation in this area and requires a heightened level of strategy and insight.

Our investment fraud attorneys have the knowledge necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and to present complex evidence. We aggressively pursue legal action against sophisticated financial advisors, brokers and the top brokerage firms in the country.

Strategic advantages offered by Zamansky LLC include:

  • Successful recovery of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients*
  • Law firm founder with 30 years of experience in securities litigation
  • Substantial experience in FINRA arbitration, the primary dispute resolution method
  • Substantial experience in class action securities litigation
  • Hands-on approach to effectively resolve disputes and recover losses
  • In-depth knowledge of the securities market and laws
  • Advocates at the forefront of Wall Street regulatory efforts

Our firm has taken on some of the giants in the securities industry and handled high-profile, landmark securities litigation. Our investment fraud lawyers are currently working on important investigations which will likely lead to class action lawsuits, arbitration and settlement negotiations.

Due to our reputation, our attorneys sought-after expert commentators in national news media, including CNBC, CNN, and FOX Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and USA Today.

We deliver personalized attention to each of our clients, taking the time to listen and respond to their questions and concerns.

Each investment fraud attorney at our firm has in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry and decades of highly specialized legal experience. We know how to successfully develop, present and prevail in investment losses and securities fraud cases. Our size and focused practice allow us to make expert judgments and take action quickly. We deliver personalized attention to each of our clients, taking the time to listen and respond to their questions and concerns. At Zamansky LLC, each securities and investment fraud lawyer works to ensure that our clients fully understand the legal rights and protections available to them, and we navigate clients through each step of the legal process.

Current Investigation Alert: Emerson Equity and broker, Tony Barouti, are currently being investigated by our firm for the sales of GWG Holdings L Bonds. Fraud such as misrepresentation and unsuitability are among the allegations, so contact us to learn more.

Tell Us About
Your Losses

Zamansky LLC - The Investor's Champion on Wall Street

Zamansky LLC is the investment law firm that champions investors and workers wronged by the powerful and influential financial services firms and securities brokerages.

Our Guiding Principles: Justice, Knowledge, Compassion

Zamansky LLC founding partner and esteemed securities fraud attorney, Jacob Zamansky, and his team of veteran investment lawyers live and work by these guiding principles:

Compassion is critical.

Every client deserves their attorney’s time, attention and empathy.

Justice is a right.

Every investor and investment services worker, regardless of wealth or position, has the right to justice.

Knowledge Conveys Power

Every investor has the right to understand what has happened to their money and why.

Whether you are an investor of modest means, a high-end-worth individual or institution, or and hourly or salaried financial service employee, you can count on the lawyers at Zamansky LLC to be your champions on Wall Street.

If you feel you have been harmed by the financial services industry Call us at (212) 742-1414.

Securities Litigation Portal for Class Action Investment Claims

Zamansky LLC represents investors in securities class action lawsuits and employees in ERISA class action cases.

4 Ways Zamansky LLC Champions Your Investment Fraud Claim


We Stand up for people like you.

Our main focus is representing people injured by the financial services industry. We advocate for investors defrauded by the actions of their trusted advisors, represent workers in employer claims under ERISA, and fight for the rights of securities industry employees who were defrauded of their pay or unlawfully terminated. Unlike other securities litigation law firms who will represent either side, we have taken a stance to represent people like you.


We Leverage a track record of success.

Zamansky LLC has recovered tens of millions of dollars in stock broker fraud matters, including securities arbitrations and class action cases against brokers, investment firms and others. Our opponents know we mean business.


We Draw on decades of experience.

Each securities fraud lawyer at Zamansky LLC brings years of in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry. Championing the rights of clients like you is all we do. This depth of highly specialized legal experience is our superpower.


We Offer free consultations and flexible fee arrangements.

Our investment fraud lawyers believe that every person deserves to be represented by top-notch counsel. Not only are all consultations free, in most circumstances we will work with clients under a contingency or success-based fee structure so that their cases can be pursued without the financial burden of up-front fees.

When to Contact a Investment Fraud Attorney

When corporations, hedge funds, advisory firms, and individual brokers and advisers violate these laws—and when investors suffer fraudulent losses as a result—aggrieved investors can use these laws to seek financial compensation. Some of the more common examples of securities fraud include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Charging excessive fees and commissions
  • High-yield investment fraud
  • Market manipulation
  • Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and advance-fee schemes
  • Omission or misrepresentation of material information
  • Overconcentration
  • Theft, embezzlement, and other crimes
  • Trading on inside information not available to the public (insider trading)
  • Unauthorized trading and account churning

Investment fraud can take many other forms, and companies, firms and scam artists are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to defraud individual investors. Email and social media scams are a daily risk for investors, boiler rooms have made something of a comeback in recent years, and affinity fraud scams (scams targeting particular groups) perpetrated by community leaders and others cost many unsuspecting investors their entire life’s savings. 

FAQs: Should You Speak with a Investment Fraud Lawyer?

What is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud” is a broad term that encompasses any type of act or omission that leads to harm for securities investors. This includes everything from making false public disclosures to making unauthorized trades on investors’ accounts. Fraudulent conduct by companies, brokerage firms, individual brokers, and investment advisors can lead to substantial losses, and investors who have concerns should promptly consult with a securities fraud lawyer.

When are Losses a Sign of Investment Fraud?

While it is true that investing inherently involves risk, it is also true that sudden, significant and unexpected losses due to market forces are relatively rare. A well-managed investment portfolio will fluctuate in value, but investors who work with skilled and reputable investment professionals generally will not experience wild fluctuations—unless there is a major market event that impacts a large number of investors. These events are usually noteworthy enough to gain widespread media attention.

This means that sudden, significant and unexpected losses are often indicative of fraud. Other signs that losses may be due to stockbroker or investment advisor fraud include:

  • Your broker or advisor is making unsuitable investments that do not align with your financial goals and risk profile.
  • Your broker or advisor is making a high volume of trades, known as churning, without giving your investments the chance to appreciate in value.
  • Your broker or advisor is buying investment products that are unfamiliar to you and that you find difficult to understand. 

Can I File a Claim for Securities Fraud?

Yes. If you are a victim of securities fraud, you can absolutely file a claim against the company that released misleading information or the brokerage firm, broker, or investment advisor who is responsible for your investment losses. To ensure that you have every available opportunity to recover your losses, you should schedule a free initial consultation with a securities fraud lawyer as soon as possible.

Do I Have to Pay Out-of-Pocket to Hire a Securities Litigation Lawyer?

No. In most circumstances, we work with our clients on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we only charge legal fees if we successfully help our clients recover their losses. Since our legal fees are calculated as a percentage of our client’s recovery, our clients never pay out-of-pocket for our services.

Do I Need to Hire a Local Securities Litigation Law Firm?

No. When you have a securities fraud claim, you do not need to hire a local attorney. With offices located in the heart of Wall Street, our firm represents individual investors in securities litigation and FINRA arbitration nationwide.

Why Would I Need an ERISA Lawyer?

ERISA lawyers help with a variety of employee benefit concerns such as 401k fraud, pension plan wrongdoings and more. Our ERISA law firm is nationally recognized for our ability to aggressively prosecute cases and recover losses from breaches of fiduciary duty and other claims. We are also skilled at class action litigation and whistleblower claims connected to ERISA violations.

Can I Sue a Broker After a Stock Market Loss?

An investor may file a claim connected to the stock market in cases where fraud and misconduct are suspected. Our stock law firm handles cases such as account churning, unsuitability, mutual fund fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and more.

What Types of Investment Products are Most Susceptible to Broker and Advisor Fraud?

All types of investment products are susceptible to broker and advisor fraud. This includes corporate stocks and bonds as well as more-complex investment products such as:

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Leveraged and inverse ETFs
  • Municipal bond funds
  • Promissory notes
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)
  • Variable annuities

I Lost a Lot of Money. Can a FINRA lawyer Help Me Recover My Losses Quickly?

Every lawsuit is different, and there is never a guarantee for how long your claim could take. The good news is that you do not have to pay out of pocket for a FINRA arbitration attorney. Even better, if you win, you are entitled to payment within 30 days of the end of the proceedings.