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The relationship between employers and employees is heavily regulated, on both the state and federal levels. This is especially true of employees within the security industry, who are not only protected by and subject to general labor laws but who are also under the jurisdiction of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

When employment disputes arise, an understanding of the laws governing the dispute is essential. Zamansky, LLC provides legal representation to clients in need of assistance with cases arising under the complex body of state and federal employment regulations. To get help from an employment law attorney with more than three decades of legal experience offering skillful and effective representation, give us a call today: 212-742-1414.

Regulations and the Employer/Employee Relationship

There are many legal and administrative regulations governing the relationship between employers and employees. From laws related to overtime and minimum wage to laws related to worker benefits, regulations impose both rights and responsibilities on companies and employees.

When disputes arise, an understanding of how these laws regulate outcomes is essential to making informed choices for proceeding with litigation or arbitration. Zamansky, LLC is here to help clients when issues arise in the employer/employee relationship.

Some of the many cases we handle include:

Zamansky, LLC represents clients in arbitration proceedings arising under the jurisdiction of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and our firm has an in-depth knowledge of the FINRA Code of Arbitration Procedure. We also provide legal assistance in mediation and litigation of employment law matters, as well as arbitration and claims made to the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Our goal is to help clients use available legal tools to protect their professional interests and to represent clients with skillful and assertive advocacy so they can reach effective and timely resolutions under the law.

If your rights have been harmed on by the financial services industry, Call us at (212) 742-1414.

How Our Firm Can Help

Zamansky, LLC understands the laws governing the employer and employee relationship and provides legal assistance in a wide variety of disputes arising between companies and workers. Whether the dispute arises overcompensation or terms of employment in the financial industry, over a wide variety of wage and hour issues, or over whistleblower protections for employees who report wrongdoing, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable legal representative who can explore all effective options for resolving your issues.

With three decades of experience and with a track record of providing representation in cases involving some of the world’s largest companies and most well-known securities firms, Zamansky, LLC has proven to be effective at fighting for the rights of clients in employment law cases.

We are prepared to go to court, present a compelling case to an arbitrator, or help negotiate an effective resolution to a wide variety of disputes arising under employment laws. However your dispute is resolved, we have the skill and ability to assist you in fighting for the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

Getting Legal Help

To learn more about how Zamansky, LLC can assist you in employment cases, contact our firm today: 212-742-1414.

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