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Riot Blockchain Announces “Material Weaknesses” in Financial Reporting Controls and Says It “May Never Become Profitable”

May 24, 2019 Blog

Riot Blockchain, a publicly-traded Bitcoin and Litecoin mining company previously known as Bioptix, recently announced that its auditors had found “material weaknesses” in the company’s internal controls for financial reporting. The cryptocurrency company, which reported holding more than $41.6 million in cash at the end of 2017, also reported that […]

Securities Attorney Jake Zamansky Gets Mentioned in Wealth Management Regarding Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES)

May 6, 2019 In The News

The yield enhancement strategy (YES) is often pitched as a “safe” or “low-risk” option for investors who are interested in maintaining consistent returns. However, reality has recently shown that the investment products bought and sold under YES are extremely complex and risky. In recent months, many individual investors have come […]

Surprise, You Own Chinese Bonds!

April 30, 2019 Blog

Imagine your financial adviser selling you a bond fund that you thought was invested in low risk index or municipal securities only to find out that much of your holdings are in high-risk Chinese or Puerto Rico bonds. Unfortunately, that is the situation facing investors who may have unwittingly bought […]

Is Your 529 Savings Plan a Target for Fraud?

March 28, 2019 Blog

When you started saving for your children’s college tuition with a 529 savings plan, you probably did not give much thought to the risk of investment fraud. As a tax-advantaged investment tool that is sponsored by states across the country, you, like most people, probably assumed that the worst-case scenario […]

Dangerous Manufactured Defaults May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

March 26, 2019 Blog

A shady deal in 2017 between Wall Street behemoth Blackstone and Hovnanian Enterprises, a leading homebuilder, has shaken investor confidence in the markets. These “manufactured defaults” occur when an otherwise solvent company deliberately defaults on its debt. Powerful investment firms are making big money by encouraging companies to miss bond […]

The Yield Enhancement Strategy Hits Wealthy Investors Hard

March 21, 2019 Blog

Financial advisors pitched the so-called “UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy” – or YES strategy – to their mostly ultra-high net worth customers. They sold it as a supposedly safe and efficient mechanism to enhance yield from generally conservative portfolios. Wealthy investors were told that the YES strategy was a neutral or […]