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Leading Securities Litigation Consultants Analyze YES Losses

October 4, 2019 Blog

Financial Expert Analyzes Root of YES Investment Losses

Zamansky, LLC has been an active participant in the investigations of UBS and other investment firms regarding their sales of the yield enhancement strategy (YES) investment strategy. Featured in news mediums such as The Wall Street Journal, Zamansky LLC represents investors as they file arbitration claims to rectify their substantial losses due to failed YES investments. 

In short, YES options were a poor investment choice as they were marketed as safe and stable investments, yet market volatility led to wealthy investors losing an estimated $60 collectively. As Zamansky’s website explains:

A “yield enhancement strategy” is a method of investing which involves buying options with strike prices at the top and bottom of a specified range. If the price of the underlying asset or index (most commonly, the S&P 500 index) remains within this range during the option period, then the options expire and the investor is entitled to an option premium. However, if the price does not remain within this range, an investor can lose his or her entire investment.

Though Zamansky and the financial news sites have offered summaries of what led to YES losses, those who seek a more detailed analysis should read the report published by the Securities Litigation and Consulting Group (SLCG). SLCG provides a comprehensive report of how YES losses resulted largely from equity market exposure. The PDF composed, by Craig McCann and other leading financial analysts, can be viewed here

If you would like more information about how Zamansky, LLC may be able to help you recover your losses from a yield enhancement strategy, iron condor or collateral yield enhancement strategy, we encourage you to contact our investment fraud law firm. Call (212) 742-1414 or complete our contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.