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Collateral Yield Enhancement Strategy (CYES) Offered by Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Other Firms

February 22, 2019 In The News

Zamansky LLC is investigating an options-based investment strategy utilized by various brokerage firms — including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch — sometimes referred to as the Collateral Yield Enhancement Strategy, or “CYES”. The CYES is a complicated and risky options strategy, managed by Harvest Volatility Management, LLC. The CYES utilizes “iron condor” options trades and was sold to investors to enhance yield.

“Options, which are derivatives, are very hard to understand for all but the most sophisticated investors,” says Zamansky. “Complex options trading strategies are best left to professional investors who can fully appreciate their unique and often opaque risk characteristics.”

If your financial advisor or broker recommended a collateral yield enhancement strategy, and you have suffered losses, please contact Jake Zamansky at (212) 742-1414 for further information.