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Chinese Regulators Are Serious About Investor Protection

December 4, 2019 Blog

Chinese Regulators Sanctioned UBS for Investment Fraud UBS Overcharged Its Chinese Customers China is Serious About Investor Protection The Chinese Securities and Futures Commission, or SFC, has reprimanded and fined UBS $51 million for overcharging up to 5,000 clients for over a decade, according to a report from Reuters. The […]

Yield Chasing Investors Are Jumping into to the Deep End

October 3, 2019 Blog

Yield Chasing Investors Are Buying  Riskier Credits Sales of Junk Rated Bonds and Risky Structured Products Are Booming Retail Investors Could Get Burned By High Yield Credits   With the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates, investors and savers have gotten carried away with tantalizing yields on riskier products. Indeed, investors […]

Zamansky LLC Investigates Harvest Volatility Management CYES Investments

September 18, 2019 Blog

Zamansky LLC: Investment Fraud Attorneys for Claims Involving Collateral Yield Enhancement Strategy (CYES) Investments Our attorneys are currently investigating claims that Harvest Volatility Management Collateral engaged in fraudulent sales of collateral yield enhancement strategy (“Harvest CYES”) investments to clients of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (“Merrill Lynch”). Merrill Lynch is the […]

Volatility Investors Beware: A Storm is Brewing

September 5, 2019 Blog

Volatility Investors Vulnerable to Losses Just as hurricane Dorian has devastated parts of the Bahamas, retail investors are potentially facing a volatility storm. Indeed, UBS and Merrill Lynch investors whose portfolios are exposed to volatility sensitive yield enhancement options strategies are particularly vulnerable. Volatility investors may be glad to see the […]