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When to Report Securities Fraud

August 23, 2021 Blog

Securities fraud is a major concern for investors in the United States. From corporate disclosure violations to unregistered offerings and broker-dealer conflicts of interest, many types of securities fraud lead to substantial investor losses. If you have information about securities fraud, or if you believe that you may be a […]

How to Choose a Credible Financial Advisor

August 16, 2021 Blog

When choosing an advisor to help plot your financial future, it is important to make an informed decision. While many financial advisors are extremely good at what they do, others are not; and, unfortunately, there are also many advisors (or “advisors”) who make their money by taking advantage of unsuspecting […]

What To Do If You Suspect Financial Fraud

July 23, 2021 Blog

If you have concerns about financial fraud, you are not alone. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for financial advisors to take advantage of the access they have to their clients’ accounts, and each year many investors lose everything to fraud. In this article, financial fraud attorney Jake Zamansky explains what […]

What is Stockbroker Negligence?

July 9, 2021 Blog

When you work with a stockbroker, you expect your broker to help you make informed decisions. You know there are no guarantees, but you are paying for the benefit of your broker’s expertise. So, what happens when your stockbroker provides bad advice (or puts his or her interests first)? Can […]