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Jake Zamansky Quoted in WSJ Regarding YES Financial Losses

May 15, 2020 Blog

Another day, another story in the news about the financial crisis investors face from their investments in yield enhancement strategy options (YES)– particularly those offered by UBS. Zamansky, LLC continues to investigate these claims, and the firm’s founder, Jake Zamansky, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding the […]

Risk Recycling, the New Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)

April 23, 2020 Blog

Wall Street Created Structured Products For Yield Chasers. Firms Offloaded the Risk To Hedge Funds. Structured Product Holders Suffered Steep Losses. As retail investors searched for yield after the credit crisis of 2008, Wall Street gladly satisfied that need by taking a page from their 2008 financial crisis playbook. Remember […]

Clients Get Burned When Brokers Sugarcoat Investment Risk

April 15, 2020 Blog

Brokerages sold retail investors billions of dollars of complex and risky volatility linked investments. Volatility investments have been hit hard in the recent market turmoil. Investors’ nest eggs have suffered huge losses. Mom and pop retail investors need to examine the sales pitches many brokers made to them for high-yield […]

Autocallable, Callable Yield, Other Structured Notes Under Investigation for Coronavirus-Related Losses

March 19, 2020 Blog

Securities fraud attorney Jake Zamansky spoke to about the most recent market volatility stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic. He and his team are conducting an investigation into related stock market losses that have occurred over the last two weeks for investors with structured notes from various companies, including Autocallable […]

Continued Market Chaos May Lead to Innumerable Investor Claims

March 12, 2020 Blog

Recently, we’ve all seen an uptick in market volatility in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. In general, everyone is concerned about what the pandemic means for them personally and financially. But investors, in particular, are appropriately concerned about what it all means for their portfolios. Were investors advised appropriately? Were […]