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Zamansky Investigates Losses from UBS ETRACs

March 25, 2020 Investigations

Zamansky LLC is investigating UBS Financial Services Inc. (UBS), the broker-dealer, over possible sale practice violations which resulted in losses to investors in ETRACs (Symbols: HDLV, SMHD, DVHL, CEFL, CEFZ, BDCL, LBDC, MORL, MRRL, LRET, MLPQ, HOML, MLPZ, LMLP and WTID). UBS ETRACs are exchange-traded notes which track and provide monthly payments based on various market indexes.

For more information, review the press release on Business Wire.

Additionally, if you have a UBS brokerage account and suffered an ETRACS loss, and you wish to have your investment reviewed or to discuss your legal options, contact our firm for a free, no obligation consultation with a top securities fraud attorney.