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Zamansky LLC Announces It Has Filed a FINRA Arbitration against Credit Suisse for Improperly Selling Its “Yield Enhancement Strategy”

May 7, 2013 In The News


I’m attorney Jake Zamansky. UBS misrepresented the risks of the YES yield enhancement strategy to investors. When the market experienced extreme volatility, the YES Iron Condor trading strategy blew up, causing investor losses. Contact me at or 212-742-1414 to discuss recovering UBS yield enhancement strategy losses. Thank you.

Zamansky LLC has filed a FINRA arbitration on behalf of a New Jersey physician alleging that his financial advisors at Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC recommended that he allocate a significant portion of his retirement funds in a high-fee proprietary strategy called the “Yield Enhancement Strategy” or “YES” without considering his stated investment objectives or properly explaining the risks of the strategy.

Despite its catchy name of a “yield enhancement strategy,” and despite being pitched as a low-risk alternative to traditional investing, the reality is that these extraordinarily-complex investment structures can result – and have already resulted – in substantial losses for uninformed investors.

With such a high risk, why are UBS, Credit Suisse and other Wall Street banks pushing them on investors? The answer is simple: A yield enhancement strategy generates hefty fees and commissions. With each individual YES investment involving multiple fee-generating call and put options, brokerage firms stand to benefit regardless of the outcome for individual investors. If you have suffered losses in a yield enhancement strategy investment option, the answers should be, “No.” Our firm continues to investigate these practices and has filed FINRA arbitration to protect investors.

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