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Seeing Parallels With Big Tobacco, Employees Sue Exxon Mobil – NPR Austin

August 14, 2017 In The News

Zamansky LLC Partner Samuel Bonderoff discusses the parallels between how Exxon Mobil handled climate change and how big tobacco companies handled the link between cigarettes and cancer in a radio interview featured on Austin’s NPR Station, KUT 90.5.  Mr. Bonderoff also discusses the firm’s representation of current and former Exxon employees who allege that Exxon hid its knowledge of climate change and made false and misleading disclosures which artificially inflated its stock prices.  Mr. Bonderoff explains that “employees who had bought or held shares of the company stock plan during the time when the fraud was going on, they bought at an artificially high price … when the correction occurred, they took a pretty big loss….”

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