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Law360 – Exxon Should Face ERISA Climate Suit, Former Worker Says

June 8, 2017 In The News

Zamansky LLC filed an opposition to a motion to dismiss on behalf of current and former Exxon employees who have alleged that Exxon’s fraudulent climate change disclosures caused losses to their retirement savings.  In the ERISA class action lawsuit, employees allege that Exxon made false statements about climate change and failed to publicly disclose the risks that climate change could have on Exxon’s oil reserves and the company’s bottom line.  Exxon has recently been subpoenaed by New York’s attorney general, as well as other attorneys general, over the same climate change disclosures.

Partner Samuel Bonderoff told Law360, “[t]he recent brief filed by the New York attorney general’s office provides further evidence of ExxonMobil’s systemic fraud … [i]t also shows why it’s so important for ExxonMobil employees, whose retirement savings lost millions as a result of this deceit, to press their claims in this case.”

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