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Investors Who Suffered Losses with Philip R. Corvia and Henley & Company LLC May Have Claims in FINRA Arbitration

October 15, 2021 Blog

Our securities litigation law firm is investigating potential claims against Philip R. Corvia and his former brokerage firm, Henley & Company LLC, related to allegations that Mr. Corvia defrauded his clients through a Ponzi scheme. Mr. Corvia, who passed away in August 2021, was a registered representative of Henley & Company LLC.

Allegations of Fraudulent Transactions and Ponzi-Like Payments Against Philip R. Corvia

There is evidence to suggest that Mr. Corvia, while working for Henley & Company LLC, diverted his clients’ funds to his own companies, including Jefferson Resources Inc. It appears that these were not legitimate investments, but rather fraudulent transactions intended to benefit Mr. Corvia and his companies financially. There is also evidence to suggest that Mr. Corvia engaged in a Ponzi scheme, using clients’ funds to pay “returns” to others who sought information about the performance of their investments.

Diverting investors’ funds and making Ponzi-like payments are forms of investment fraud that are prohibited under federal securities laws and FINRA regulations. Investors who suffer losses due to these forms of fraud (among others) have clear legal rights, and they can – and should – take appropriate legal action as soon as possible.

Defrauded Investors May Be Able to Pursue Arbitration Claims Against Henley & Company LLC

As alleged, Henley & Company LLC had supervisory responsibility for Mr. Corvia during the relevant time period. As a result, investors who suffered losses due to Mr. Corvia’s alleged fraudulent activities may have claims against the firm. Our lawyers are actively evaluating potential claims against Henley & Company LLC in FINRA arbitration.

FINRA arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is available to defrauded investors. Brokerage firms that are registered with FINRA, including Henley & Company LLC, are required to submit to arbitration for the resolution of investor disputes. While arbitration provides a streamlined process compared to securities litigation, aggrieved investors can seek the same remedies in FINRA arbitration as they can in court.

What To Do if You Suffered Investment Losses with Philip R. Corvia and Henley & Company LLC

If you suffered investment losses with Philip R. Corvia while he was affiliated with Henley & Company LLC, we strongly encourage you to contact us for more information. We are continuing to investigate potential claims against the firm, and we are actively gathering evidence to substantiate the allegations against Mr. Corvia. Located in New York City, we represent investors throughout New York and nationwide. Henley & Company LLC is also based in New York, with offices in Shoreham on Long Island.

Contact Zamansky LLC | A Securities Litigation Law Firm in the Heart of Wall Street

To discuss your potential claim against Henley & Company LLC related to the alleged fraudulent acts of Philip R. Corvia, contact us today. You can reach us by phone at 212-742-1414 or contact us online 24/7. All communications are strictly confidential, and we represent investors in FINRA arbitration on a contingency-fee basis.