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Cryptocurrency Lawyer Jake Zamansky Speaks to CNBC About the Possible Investigation of Riot Blockchain CEO

May 30, 2019 In The News

Former Riot Blockchain CEO, John O’Rourke, may be included as part of a criminal investigation that has been launched by federal authorities in relation to “microcap fraud.” According to a CNBC article, the probe runs parallel with a civil case that the SEC brought against O’Rourke and others who were alleged to be part of “pump and dumps” unrelated to Riot.

Back in September, the SEC charged a group of individuals who allegedly took part in a scheme that resulted in over $27M from illegal stock sales. Based on transcripts of the civil case, the US Attorney’s Office in San Francisco will be handling the criminal case. In a comment to CNBC about the probe, cryptocurrency lawyer Jake Zamansky noted that the defendants “have bigger problems than the SEC.”

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