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Chesapeake Energy Employees’ Class Action Complaint : Zamansky Law

June 19, 2012 In The News
Plaintiff Debra Boggs,individually and on behalf of a class similarlysituated participants in and beneficiaries of Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s (“Chesapeake” or the “Company”) Savings and Incentive Stock Bonus Plan which includes, but is not limited to, a 401(k) savings plan, profit sharing plan, and employee stock ownership plan (collectively, the “Plan”), alleges the following based upon the investigation of Plaintiff’s counsel, which included, among things, a review and analysis of filings made by Chesapeake with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), press releases and other public statements by Chesapeake and the other Defendants, news articles, securities analysts’ reports and other publications and media reports concerning Chesapeake, and other available information about the Company.