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Jake Zamansky Quoted on SEC Action Regarding Derivative-Backed Notes

February 26, 2013 Blog

Jake Zamansky was quoted today in a Bloomberg article by Kevin Dugan titled “SEC Shines Light on Derivatives-Backed Notes: Credit Markets,” praising the SEC’s effort to force firms to be transparent about their structured note offerings in this complex area.

“These are complex and opaque products, and the more sunshine and disclosure, the better,” said Jacob Zamansky, a lawyer at Zamansky LLC in New York representing investors in lawsuits over structured notes. “It’s important that the SEC focus on the disclosure of structured product because they’re exploding in sales to ordinary retail investors.”

The full article is available by clicking here.

This is an important area where the SEC and private attorneys such as our firm can help protect investors from Wall Street’s aggressive marketing of unsuitable and complex structured products to retail investors. For more information on the work we have done in this area and what we can do to help recover losses suffered by investors as a result of unsuitable sales of structured products, click here.