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UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Lawyer Can Help Recover Investor Losses

Video Transcript

I'm attorney Jake Zamansky. UBS misrepresented the risks of the YES yield enhancement strategy to investors. When the market experienced extreme volatility, the YES Iron Condor trading strategy blew up, causing investor losses. Contact me at or 212-742-1414 to discuss recovering UBS yield enhancement strategy losses. Thank you.

Recovering from UBS YES Strategy Losses

A popular investment strategy among large investment firms is the “yield enhancement strategy,” or “YES” strategy. The definition of a yield enhancement strategy is an investment option where a broker sells call or put options to enhance returns in relatively stable or flat markets. While the UBS YES strategy is often pitched as a “safe” or “stable” option for consistent returns, the reality is that the investment products bought and sold under YES strategies are extremely complex and risky. In December, unexpected market volatility led to substantial losses. Investors in iron condors, the UBS yes strategy or similar investments should contact an UBS yield enhancement strategy securities lawyer to discuss their options.