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Investment Fraud Attorney Jake Zamansky Investigates Puerto Rico Bonds

Video Transcript

I'm Jake Zamansky of the Zamansky Law Firm in New York. We're one of the leading law firms in the country, representing investors in investment fraud and stockbroker fraud cases.

We've been investigating UBS for investment fraud in the sale of Puerto Rican bond funds. We believe that Puerto Rican bond funds were unsuitable for conservative investors and retirees who were looking for safe and secure income. In truth, these Puerto Rican bond funds were loaded with risk and have destroyed the retirement savings of thousands of UBS investors in Puerto Rico and in the United States. We plan on filing cases against UBS and other Wall Street firms to recover investor losses.

I invite you to visit our website,, or call me personally, Jake Zamansky at 212-742-1414. Thank you.