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Introduction to Zamansky & Associates, LLC

Video Transcript

I'm Jake Zamansky, the principal of Zamansky and Associates. We're an innovative law firm in the heart of Wall Street, New York. We exclusively represent investors in stockbroker fraud and corporate fraud cases. Our team has over 60 years combined experience in representing investors. We've brought some of the most groundbreaking cases affecting investors and Wall Street.

In 2001, we brought the first fraud case against the stock analyst at Merrill Lynch. That case resulted in a substantial recovery for our client, helped thousands of other investors, and changed the way that Wall Street conducts stock research.

In 2008, we led the way in financial crisis litigation. We won the first fraud case against UBS for the sale of Lehman Brothers structured products.

Our practice is divided into two areas: Securities Arbitration where we represent one investor at a time, and Class Actions where one individual serves as a representative for a large group of people. We offer our services on a contingent fee basis. I invite you to visit our website, send me a personal confidential email, or call me personally at 212-742-1414. Thank you.