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Jason Muskey Clients Can File FINRA Arbitrations Against Ameritas to Recover Investment Losses

Any investors who suffered losses with Jason Muskey or Muskey Financial Services in Moosaic, PA, may be able to recover their losses from Ameritas Investment Corp., his brokerage firm, by filing a FINRA arbitration. Ameritas had the duty to properly supervise Muskey and all of his activities, even his outside activities. Ameritas is also responsible for all of Muskey’s acts done in the course of his business as a representative of the firm.

Muskey allegedly stole funds from his client investors according to news reports of a lawsuit against him by former customers. The investors allege that they provided him with checks to invest in annuities, and that he deposited the funds into his own personal bank account. The investors allege that he also liquidated investments they held and deposited the funds into his personal bank account.

If Jason Muskey stole money from you, or invested you in an unsuitable investment that has lost money, you may have a claim against Ameritas to recover your losses. If you are not sure, we can review your investments at no cost, and analyze whether you were the victim of theft or unsuitable investments. FINRA arbitration provides a low cost, expedited dispute resolution system for investor claims.

Zamansky LLC has successfully represented hundreds of investors over the last 15 years in FINRA arbitrations. Please contact our firm for a review of your situation and evaluation of your rights.