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Citigroup CSO Fund Investors Should Contact Us Soon

Zamansky LLC reminds former investors of Citigroup’s CSO Ltd. fund (”CSO Fund”), also known as the Corporate Special Opportunities Fund, that time period for pursuing legal claims is passing, and you should contact us soon to protect your rights.

Citigroup’s CSO Fund was a $500 million leveraged loan and distressed debt fund which was liquidated in December 2008 yielding $.03 on each dollar invested.  In 2007, John Pickett, CEO of the investment manager, made an unauthorized investment which rendered the CSO fund insolvent, then later resigned.

Our law firm has been investigating the CSO Fund for fraud and violations of the securities laws.  If you were an investor in the CSO Fund and have interest in pursuing legal action, please contact us at (212) 742-1414