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Chinese Stocks

Zamansky LLC warns investors about investing in Chinese stocks.  These are stocks of companies based in China which have listed and trade on Securities Exchanges in the United States.  Recently, several Chinese companies have been accused of filings false and misleading financial statements for investors here in the United States, while disclosing very different financial results locally in China. Investors who purchased securities in the following companies may wish to contact us about protecting your rights:

Orient Paper (ONP)

RINO International Corp. (RINO)

China Biotics (CHBT)

Doyan Global Water (DGW)

China Green Agriculture (CGA)

China Sky One Medical Inc. (CSKI)

China Marine Food Group Limited (CMFO)

Duoyuan Printing (DYP)

Universal Travel Group (UTA)

(the “Companies”)

Zamansky LLC is investigating these Companies for securities  fraud violations, and is considering preparing lawsuits for shareholders and investors to recover losses suffered on these stocks.  There are reports that the financial statements filed by these Companies are allegedly false and misleading, and none have been audited for investor protection.

If you invested in securities of these Companies, please contact us as soon as possible.

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