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Zamansky LLC Investigates Sales of L Bonds of GWG Holdings Inc. (GWGH)

July 2, 2021 Investigations

Investment fraud attorney Jake Zamansky and his team are investigating potential legal claims on behalf of investors who purchased L Bonds of GWG Holdings Inc. (GWGH).  GWGH issued $1 billion L Bonds to investors with maturities of two to seven years to finance its purchase of life insurance policies.  Recently, these L Bonds stopped paying interest, and GWG ceased issuing new L Bonds.

Reportedly, L Bonds were sold through an offering managed by broker-dealer, Emerson Equity LLC, as well as other brokerage firms that were part of the selling group.   These L Bonds were speculative investments due to the distressed financial condition of the issuer, GWGH, and they were not suitable for conservative or even moderate investors, and totally inappropriate for retirees.

Bought L Bonds of GWG Holdings, Inc.? Speak to an Investment Fraud Attorney Today

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