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Zamansky LLC Investigates Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors Marc and Darryl Cohen of the Global Sports Entertainment Group

February 24, 2021 Blog

We are investigating potential legal claims on behalf of investors who were clients of Morgan Stanley financial advisors Marc and Darryl Cohen, of Westlake Village, California.   Both advisors are members of Morgan Stanley’s Global Sports Entertainment Group which focuses on athletes and entertainers who may have short-lived income streams.

According to recent public reports, former NBA players Chandler Parsons and Courtney Lee have sued Morgan Stanley for alleged “payments made without prior approval” from their accounts.  They also allege that they were encouraged to take out a “liquidity access line” for real estate and life insurance policies for which they “now claim they hold no interest.”   Cohen was also reportedly the subject of a complaint by MBA player Nyjer Morgan.

Our law firm believes that athletes and entertainers are highly susceptible to misconduct by financial advisors.  Many are inexperienced with financial matters, before suddenly earning substantial income in a short period.  Therefore, it is extremely important for athletes and entertainers to preserve their wealth in prudent and suitable investments.

If you were a client of Morgan Stanley, financial advisors Marc and Darryl Cohen, or the Global Sports Entertainment Group, and you are concerned about unauthorized transfers or any other suspect activity or investment, you should contact our financial fraud attorney for an evaluation.