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We are a securities fraud law firm located in the heart of Wall Street. Contact us to discuss your claim with a securities arbitration lawyer in New York in confidence.

New York is the center of the United States’ securities market. It is home to the New York Stock Exchange, numerous publicly-traded companies, and many of the world’s largest brokerage and advisory firms. If you buy or sell a security anywhere in the United States, your trade almost certainly passes through New York in one way or another. Since New York is the epicenter of securities trading, it is also where we have chosen to locate our firm. Our offices are in the heart of Wall Street, and our securities arbitration lawyer in New York walks the city’s streets on a daily basis. Many of our clients are located in New York as well, although we also represent individual investors in securities fraud claims nationwide.

Do You Have a Securities Fraud Claim in New York?

New York is also home to the Northeast Region Office of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). If you have a claim for securities fraud against your broker or investment advisor, recovering your losses will most likely involve filing a claim in FINRA arbitration. At Zamansky LLC, we handle FINRA cases against all New York-based brokerage and advisory firms, and we have used the arbitration process to recover many millions of dollars in compensation for our clients’ fraudulent investment losses.

When Can You File a Securities Arbitration Claim?

Securities arbitration with FINRA provides investors a forum to recover fraudulent investment losses from their brokerage and advisory firms. This includes losses resulting from all forms of fraud—including common forms such as:

  • Misrepresenting or omitting material information
  • Making unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Overconcentrating investors’ portfolios in particular assets or asset classes
  • Making unauthorized trades (including account “churning”)
  • Charging undisclosed and/or excessive commissions and fees

If you have experienced losses in your investment portfolio and are unsure why (or if you have reason to believe that your broker or advisor has engaged in fraud), we strongly encourage you to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a securities arbitration lawyer in New York.

How Long Do You Have to File a Securities Arbitration Claim?

Under FINRA’s arbitration rules, you have six years to file an arbitration claim. This six-year period runs from the date of your broker’s or advisor’s fraud—regardless of when you discover it. However, while you may have up to six years to file a claim, waiting longer than necessary could make it more challenging to secure a financial recovery. As a result, if you think you might have a claim, you should speak with a lawyer right away.

What Can You Expect from Your Securities Arbitration Claim?

While securities arbitration with FINRA offers a streamlined alternative to courtroom litigation, the process still takes time, and there are several complex steps involved. You and your lawyer will need to work together to determine what claim(s) you can file and how much you are entitled to recover. From this point, your lawyer will be able to handle the substantial majority of your claim on your behalf, although you will still need to remain actively involved, and you will need to be prepared to discuss any settlement offers with your attorney.

When Should You Hire a Securities Arbitration Lawyer in New York?

If you have any concerns or reason to believe that your investment losses may be the result of stockbroker or investment advisor fraud, you should schedule a free consultation with a New York securities arbitration lawyer promptly. There is no reason to wait, and your attorney can determine if now is an appropriate time to file your claim. If you have a claim, your attorney can begin preparing to file with FINRA immediately, and this will help ensure that both (i) you can present your claim successfully and (ii) funds will remain available to compensate you for your fraudulent investment losses.

Are Brokerage Firms and Brokers Required to Participate in FINRA Arbitration?

Under FINRA’s registration rules, brokerage firms and brokers must submit to arbitration to resolve their customers’ fraud claims. While most firms and brokers participate voluntarily, if your firm or broker refuses to do so, this may provide grounds for seeking a default award. At Zamansky LLC, our securities arbitration lawyer in New York has successfully handled claims against brokers from all major brokerage firms – and numerous small brokerage firms as well – and we can use our experience to skillfully and swiftly seek the compensation you deserve.  

We Handle Securities Arbitration Cases Involving All Types of Investment Products

Our lawyers handle securities arbitration cases against brokerage firms, advisory firms, and individual brokers and advisors involving all types of investment products. Regardless of the type of asset in which you invested, if you are a victim of fraud, we can help you pursue financial recovery through FINRA arbitration. What kind of investment led to your losses? We handle fraud claims in FINRA arbitration involving securities, including:

Regardless of the nature of your investment and regardless of your brokerage firm’s or advisor’s fraudulent conduct, the most important thing you can do at this point is to consult with a lawyer promptly. To speak with an experienced securities arbitration lawyer in New York, schedule a free initial consultation today.

Contact a Securities Arbitration Lawyer in New York Today

Are you entitled to recover your investment losses due to securities fraud? To find out, schedule a free initial consultation with a securities arbitration lawyer in New York at Zamansky LLC. You can reach our firm 24/7, so call 212-742-1414 or tell us about your situation online now.