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An Experienced Stock Broker Fraud Lawyer Can Help Recover Your Losses

Stock brokers have a responsibility to provide sound investment advice and manage investment portfolios in strict accordance with a customer’s investment goals and risk tolerance. Investors expect and trust that their brokers will act in their best interests and seek to maximize returns on their portfolios. Stock broker fraud occurs when a broker misleads an investor for his or her own gain, gives biased information, or provides incomplete or inaccurate advice. When this deceptive activity takes places, both brokers and their brokerage firms may be found liable for the fraud. It’s important to contact an experienced stock broker fraud lawyer to help recover your investment losses.

Unfortunately, not all brokers are honest and any investor can be at risk for fraud. Fraudulent brokers look for vulnerabilities and tailor their tactics to match the profiles of their targets. For instance, a dishonest broker may prey upon retired, elderly investors with little or no investment experience. These investors generally seek to preserve their capital and avoid risk. They rely upon the advice of their brokers and trust them to protect their money and act with their best interests in mind. When a broker uses high-pressure sales tactics to steer an investor into a risky transaction that is inconsistent with the investor’s goals, risk tolerance or financial situation, the broker is violating the investor’s trust. In this situation, the investor is likely to have a legitimate arbitration claim for stock broker fraud against the broker and his/her firm.

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FINRA BrokerCheck

In order to avoid stock broker fraud schemes, investors would be wise to research the professional background of current and prospective brokers and brokerage firms. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has developed BrokerCheck, a free resource for investors. BrokerCheck allows investors to search for information about brokers, brokerage firms, investment adviser firms and representatives. Investors can also obtain online background reports when available.

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Zamansky LLC represents all levels of investors across the United States and abroad who have been victims of stock broker fraud. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, and the know how to detect “bad brokers.” We will carefully analyze your case and, if merited, will file an arbitration claim with FINRA against the broker or brokerage firm. Each stockbroker fraud attorney at our firm has extensive success with these claims and will guide you through each step of the process.

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