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Oil, gas, and energy stocks were heavily marketed to consumer investors, including to senior citizens and other conservative investors looking for investments that would generate high income with little to no downside risk. Financial advisors and brokers promised that investing in oil, gas and energy stocks would produce high yield investment income and assured investors that the business models of the energy companies would generate steady cash flow so investors would not face losses due to volatile oil prices.

Unfortunately, these promises did not come to fruition. Many investors in oil, gas, and energy stocks, funds and master limited partnerships suffered steep declines in the value of their investments and, in some cases, losses of 50 percent or more of their precious investment dollars. Conservative investors should never have invested in these stocks, and this investment cost many seniors and other investors their financial security.

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If you were the victim of oil and gas investment fraud, you do not need to accept your losses. Brokers and fund managers provided poor advice to those who justifiably relied on that information in making investment choices. The unsuitability of these oil, gas and energy investments should have been apparent to those in the financial services industries and these professionals can be held accountable for the losses suffered by those who were misled.

Oil and Gas Investment Fraud Costs Investors

Oil, gas, and energy companies were not as safe from market volatility as promised, and in fact were very vulnerable to the changing energy market. Investors have sustained substantial financial losses by relying on financial professionals who provided unsuitable advice, committed sales practice violations or over-concentrated investments in energy stocks. Many investors who thought they had a secure investment have experienced substantial declines in the value of their portfolios and lost their life or retirement savings.

Zamansky’s team of attorneys has more than six decades of collective experience taking legal action on behalf of investors who were financially harmed by bad investment advice and unsound investment decisions made by financial advisors they trusted. Our firm is familiar with securities laws and will outline all of your options for pursuing claims against the financial professionals, brokers and fund managers involved. We assist in identifying all parties who could be held liable for your losses and aggressively fight on your behalf in civil litigation, arbitration, or class action litigation.

Recover Your Investment Losses

Financial advisors have a fiduciary duty to provide sound financial advice. If you suffered financial loss due to investments in oil, gas, and energy stocks, funds or master limited partnerships, contact Zamansky LLC today.  We can help you pursue a claim against financial professionals who recommended inappropriate advice or participated in an oil investment scam.

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