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Every employee should know his or her workplace rights. While most employees are familiar with basic workplace laws like those related to overtime and hourly pay, there are too many workers who do not know how ERISA protects them.

ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The Act aims to protect employees when they reach retirement by ensuring they get any benefits their employer promised they would receive. ERISA does this through imposing strict rules on how pension and benefits plans are funded and managed. If pension plan assets were depleted, funds mismanaged, or a host of other wrongs were committed, the victims who sustained financial loss can pursue a claim for violations of ERISA. However, to understand when and why you may have an ERISA claim, you need to know how the law actually works.

An experienced ERISA lawyer can provide personalized one-on-one assistance that is invaluable in determining if you have a claim and in developing an effective legal strategy to move forward. Zamansky LLC is a respected ERISA firm that has represented individuals and institutional investors and that has served as lead counsel on high-profile ERISA class action cases involving employees from some of the largest companies in the United States. You can contact us if you suspect ERISA violations and we’ll help you to determine all of your options.

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Zamansky LLC represents investors in securities class action lawsuits and employees in ERISA class action cases.

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Learning About the ERISA Through Videos

While getting legal advice is the best way to know what your options are, many employees victimized by ERISA violations wish to learn more about what their rights are and about how employers and plan fiduciaries can be held accountable for breaching their obligations.

Understanding your rights means educating yourself about ERISA provisions. To help you understand more about ERISA and to provide you with understandable input into some of its provisions, consider browsing the videos in this video library.

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