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Investment Fraud Lawyer: Employee Retirement Stock Plan Fraud

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is one of the single most important pieces of legislation ever passed to protect workers. ERISA aims to ensure that employees get all benefits that were promised to them, especially pension benefits aimed at providing financial security during retirement.

ERISA contains many different rules, regulations, and provisions that apply to all aspects of employee benefits. From guarantees related to continued access, to group health insurance after a layoff, to rules about where pension funds are invested and how they are funded, the ERISA aims to provide broad protection to workers who depend upon promises made by employers.

Unfortunately, ERISA is also a complicated law. There are many provisions and even more court interpretations of the Act’s different regulations. Employees are not effectively protected by a law they do not understand, so our ERISA law attorneys have prepared resources aimed at helping you learn how the Employee Retirement Income Security Act protects you.

While these resources will give you broad insight into what the ERISA is, how it works and when you may have a claim, there is no substitute for legal advice customized to your particular situation. If you believe you have an ERISA claim, schedule a call so we can offer you the advice you need about protecting your benefits.

ERISA Resources

If you have questions about the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you are not alone. Follow the links below to learn more about:

Zamansky LLC is a leading ERISA law firm that has represented many individuals and institutional investors. Our firm handles both ERISA claims and securities fraud cases, allowing us to help clients develop the most comprehensive legal strategy possible and to pursue cases against all defendants who could be liable for pension plan losses.

We have represented employees of JP Morgan Chase & Co and Hewlett-Packard, serving as lead counsel in class action litigation, as well as representing many other clients who were employed by leading U.S. companies and who faced loss of benefits due to ERISA violations.

The resources we have prepared help you to better understand what our firm does, how we can help you, and how ERISA applies to your situation.

If your rights have been harmed on by the financial services industry, Call us at (212) 742-1414.

ERISA Law Attorneys Can Help – Call Today

Learning about ERISA can help you to determine when you may have a claim. If you suspect that your employer, pension plan manager, a company you invested in, or any other individual or entity has caused pension plan or benefits losses as a result of a breach of their legal obligations, you need to take action. Contact our Zamansky LLC today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the legal services we can offer as you fight to recover the money and benefits you were promised and that you deserve.

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