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Investment Fraud Attorneys for Claims Related to ERISA and Employment 

The investment arbitration lawyers at Zamansky LLC represent employees working across the United States in ERISA and employment law actions brought against their employers. Our legal team has decades of experience investigating and prosecuting ERISA violations. We also handle a wide range of employment law cases on behalf of securities industry employees, including wage and hour claims, as well as securities employee arbitration matters involving wrongful termination, compensation issues and U-5 form disputes.

ERISA Fiduciary Responsibility

Many employees participate in employer-sponsored 401(k) or pension plans as a primary means for saving for retirement. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that was enacted to protect the retirement savings and other benefits of workers and retirees in the private sector.

ERISA imposes fiduciary duties on companies to prudently manage and invest plan assets, including offerings of company stock. Specifically, the law requires employers to provide employees with complete and accurate information on plan features, funding, and the company’s business, operations and financial situation. ERISA also sets forth minimum standards for participation, coverage, vesting, non-discrimination and distribution of benefits.

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ERISA Violations

Under ERISA, employees have the right to bring an action when a breach of a fiduciary duty results in losses to their retirement savings. ERISA requires that companies act prudently, honestly and in the best interests of employees when managing and investing retirement plan assets.

When a company continues to offer employees its own stock as a plan investment option, despite the fact that the company is in peril, employees may be able to bring suit for negligent or improper management decisions. Under ERISA, plan fiduciaries have a duty to protect employees by suspending the purchase of company stock through 401(k) and other employer-sponsored plans when they know, or should know, that the company’s stock price is dropping sharply or is likely to crash.

Zamansky LLC is one of the leading law firms specializing in securities fraud and ERISA class action litigation. Each investment losses lawyer at our firm represents both individual and institutional investors. Our securities fraud law firm is nationally recognized for our ability to aggressively prosecute cases and recover losses.

Class Action Litigation Portal

Zamansky LLC represents investors in securities class action lawsuits and employees in ERISA class action cases.

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The securities fraud attorneys at Zamansky LLC are actively involved in the investigation and prosecution of many ERISA violation cases. We have recently been appointed interim lead counsel on behalf of a class of JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees who participated in the company’s 401(k) savings plan. The employee shareholders suffered significant financial loss due to the company’s misconduct concerning the “London Whale” trading losses that cost the bank several billion dollars.

Our securities and investment fraud law firm is also serving as interim lead counsel on behalf of a class of Hewlett-Packard employees who participated in the company’s 401(k) plan and were damaged by the company’s misconduct concerning a string of disastrous acquisitions, including Palm, EDS and Autonomy, which violated the company’s legal duties under the ERISA.

Learn more about our firm’s ERISA and employment law practice and the cases we are currently investigating:

Zamansky LLC offers free initial consultations and responds to all inquiries within 24 hours. If you are an employee or retiree who has suffered a financial loss as a result of an ERISA violation, or if you are a securities industry professional involved in an employment-related dispute, please contact an employment and investment losses lawyer at Zamansky LLC today.

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