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Lehman Brothers “100 Percent Principal Protected Notes”

Zamansky LLC continues to file claims on behalf of investors of so-called “100 Percent Principal Protected Notes,” which were issued by Lehman Brothers.  Investors were improperly sold 100 Percent Principal Protected Notes by brokers at major Wall Street firms including UBS, which sold as much as $1 billion worth of the product.  As the name clearly suggests, Principal Protected Notes were marketed as “risk free” investments geared towards retirement accounts, but were rendered nearly worthless after Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008.

Zamansky LLC secured the first arbitration award relating to UBS’s sale of Lehman-issued 100 Percent Principal Protected Notes in December on behalf of an investor in South Carolina. In addition to ordering UBS to reimburse the investor for most of her losses, the arbitration panel also required UBS to pay interest, plus all related expenses, including attorneys’ fees. The implications of this case are far reaching and it could be a bellwether for cases moving forward not only against UBS but also against other Wall Street firms that improperly sold structured products.

Regulators including FINRA have launched investigations into how these products were sold and whether UBS and other brokerages failed to fully disclose the risks of these investment products.

If you suffered losses stemming from Lehman Brothers, contact Zamansky LLC. We offer free consultations and ensure confidentiality.