A Principled Stock Fraud Law Firm

Zamansky LLC was founded under the premise that clients should receive hands-on service from the most experienced attorneys. Securities arbitration lawyer and firm founder Jacob Zamansky has nearly three decades of experience litigating and arbitrating cases against financial services firms and their law firms. And the other attorneys at our firm are also seasoned litigators who know the ins and outs of recovering losses suffered as a result of investment fraud and other similar misconduct.

We take a unique approach to each case to determine how best to rectify wrong-doing and recover losses. No two clients’ circumstances are ever the same, and neither are the approaches we devise to address them.

We have determined that the securities arbitration process, which is mandatory for investors in nearly every case, provides the most advantageous and cost-effective process for resolving disputes. Arbitration is not only the quickest path to a resolution, but it also offers a more even playing field for investors.

All clients, regardless of their wealth or size of their loss, deserve to have the right to be treated honestly in their investments and to have their claims handled by the best possible representation. And when those rights are trespassed against, we are here to help win your claim.

At Zamansky LLC, our record—many millions recovered for investors in hundreds of cases—speaks for itself.