Jacob Zamansky Quoted by Wall Street Journal

Proposed Rule Would Allow Consumers to Sue Banks, Credit-Card Companies – Current mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts force customers into private negotiations to solve disputes, Wall Street Journal, by Yuka Hayashi and Christina Rexrode. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a rule on Thursday restricting the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer financial contracts.  …

SEC Examiners Aren’t Alone In Putting High-Yield Bonds Under the Microscope

Yesterday New York City-based Zamansky LLC unveiled investigations into a dozen open-end mutual funds, two hedge funds, and a closed-end fund. The investigation comes four days after Zamansky filed a $500-million, putative class-action lawsuit over the now-infamous fall of Third Avenue’s Focused Credit Fund. Click here to view the full article on mfwire.com.

Third Avenue Fund Faces $500M Investor Suit After Freeze

Third Avenue Management Co. LLC and its founder were hit with a $500 million shareholder lawsuit Friday that charges they breached their fiduciary duties with a $790 million junk-bond fund that recently froze redemptions. Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund investor William Engel accuses the firm, founder Martin Whitman and other executives of failing to maintain …

Third Avenue, Whitman are sued over junk bond fund collapse

Third Avenue Management, founder Martin Whitman and other executives at the value investment firm have been sued for at least $500 million over last month’s sudden collapse of a junk bond mutual fund they oversaw. In a complaint filed on Friday with a New York state court in Manhattan, an investor in the Third Avenue …

Lost $400K in P.R. Bond fund at UBS

“A 50-year-old Harlem educator is giving her UBS broker failing grades after she lost $400,000 from her Puerto Rico muni bond fund.” Source: The New York Post Read more